Wes Chester: Expressive Arts and Nature Therapist


Wes Chester, MA, CAGS – Expressive Arts Therapist-Institute Director: I am an artist, musician, poet, outdoorsman and an experienced therapist, who works both in the studio and in nature, to help persons find the resources they need to heal grief, loss, trauma including sexual trauma and isolation. As the originator of the practice of Ecoaesthetics, I have developed a number of ways to reestablish the aesthetic relationship with nature for healing, growth, creativity and to create and manage change.

In the presence of nature, we can find truths about our own lives more profound and healing than the story we habitually tell ourselves. We can find support and a sense of belonging beyond doubt.

As an Expressive Arts Therapist, I can help you use the power of your own imagination to address any life challenge, including:

  • relationship/separation issues
  • history of past trauma and abuse
  • loss, anger and depression
  • Substance abuse and addiction recovery
  • creative blocks, life coaching
  • situational anxiety and depression related to school, work, relationship, gender roles, etc.

As a trained sexual health educator, I can help you address concerns around sexuality, sexual health, sexual trauma, and sexual pleasure including alternative lifestyle relationships.

The art studio is a judgement free zone, where you can ask for (and receive) the support you need to re-imagine life challenges, traumas and opportunities and reshape your life story toward the one that supports your success, happiness and healing.

Together we’ll work in words and images, movement and music, dance and drama, to help you contact your creativity, imagine new solutions and manage change, and trauma. Because of its roots in the deep aesthetic history of human life, Expressive Arts Therapy can successfully address issues that have remained unresolved through traditional therapeutic approaches.

If you’re ready to get off the couch, out of the old story, and into the studio and/or the world, Expressive Arts Therapy can help you establish a more vital relationship with your own life, for healing and growth. 

Questions about how I can help you? Email me at wes@arts4change.com, or call 619-518-3800 to arrange a free phone consultation.