EGS PhD Prep

The EGS Ph.D. Program is for those students who already have completed a master’s degree in human services or fine arts. In order to apply to EGS, the student needs to have had some arts based training or may obtain this training through the Institute.

“Inspired. Inspirational. Judith coaxes the soul into being when she teaches. Being her student was nothing less than life changing.

For those who wish to do the Institute training, the San Diego portion is similar to the master’s level training. The CAGS acceptance is based upon the academic admission requirements of EGS, along with the student’s demonstrated facility in expressive arts modalities and familiarity with expressive arts theories.

The EGS CAGS requires two low residency 22 day summers, in Switzerland Students wishing to pursue the PhD must first complete the CAGS, than make a proposal of a dissertation topic to an approved advisor. 

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