New for Fall 2020 Online REACE (Registered Expressive Arts Coach/ Educator Training)

Coming in September 2020, the Expressive Arts Institute offers an professional training program for providing the coursework to become a REACE (Registered Expressive Arts Coach and Educator). Like our masters degree programs, the Expressive Arts Coaching and Education program offers a “one-stop solution” for amassing the needed training hours to apply for a REACE certification, allowing you to apply through the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association with a minimum of hassle. 

This is an ideal track for artists who wish to add the certification without the expense of a Master’s Degree  and for those who already hold a masters Degree  such as an MFA, and wish to add a certification with an educational and business focus.  It is Ideal as well for BA level artists who want to help in non-therapeutic environments in a way that is more expansive than simply building skills for students. 

Coaching students will work in a majority online manner. Once the CDC has cleared educational safe practices, there will be some opportunities for the coaching students to meet in a low residency manner to receive in person coaching and group dynamic work.