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Songs of Freedom: A Two Day Song Writing Workshop

Songs of Freedom: A Two Day Song Writing Workshop

Instructors Wes Chester and Carrie Herbert invite you to free your voice and sing your song.

I think that most people have unexpressed songs inside them, things that need to be given voice, whether it be personal or political.yet relatively few people write their own music. Many people believe songwriting is too difficult to imagine doing it themselves, or they imagine they might have to play an instrument or read music to begin. My own songwriting began more than 40 years ago,  long before I had mastered guitar. Like my co-facilitator Carrie Herbert, I believe passion and authenticity are more important than technical training when it comes to writing the song you need to write.


Wes Chester is a singer and songwriter and an expressive arts therapist.

Carrie Herbert comes to the Institute from Ragamuffin Cambodia, an organization that works to help professionals and individuals dealing with the impact of trauma in post conflict countries. Carrie co-founded the Songkites Project in Cambodia, a curriculum designed to help songwriters hone their craft with professional coaching. I met Carrie in 2015 at the European Graduate school, where  and we began collaborating musically the next day, on instrumental accompaniment to Elizabeth McKim’s poetry.  This summer we recorded our first collaboration with lyrics together, a song written for Elizabeth’s 80th birthday, which you can find here: The Boat of the Dream 

Carrie is a gifted coach for songwriting, and a powerful songwriter, with a recent album of powerful, heartful material.

The Songs of Freedom workshop offers two days of beginning and or improving your songwriting as an empowering and exciting adventure.

Carrie and I will walk with you step-by-step, through a fun and moving process, to find the song in you. This no experience necessary workshop is suitable for music makers of all skill levels. We’ll spend our time, immersed in creative arts to explore the themes of peace, justice and freedom, considering what needs freeing up in your own life, or what these themes mean in a larger cultural/global context. And we will help you bring the themes that emerge from your exploration into the world of music and song making, and connection to your own unique creative impulse.

Ready to sing your own song with us? You can find more details about our workshop, and the facilitators by clicking the registration link below. 

The Songs of Freedom Workshop Has Passed, but you can find more upcoming workshops at our events listing pages.