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Welcome to the Expressive Arts Institute, home of America’s premiere education in Expressive Arts Therapy, Coaching and Education.

Since 1998, we have provided California’s only fully integrated intermodal, interdisciplinary education for Expressive Arts Practitioners. The Institute offers an accredited MA in Expressive Arts Therapy with a low residency European study component, in cooperation with the field leading European Graduate School (EGS). We also offer training and education for licensed professionals seeking registration or simply to add skills in the arts to their practice, and a certificate program in Expressive Arts Coaching.  

Whether you are looking for a next step in your arts based career, or looking to add the therapeutic arts into your educational practice, the institute is your choice for excellence.

“When I attended the Intro Course, I said to myself, “this is what I have been looking for… for so long.” Before the weekend was over, I was already planning the next two years and what I would do to be in this beautiful place.
So, yes! Of course the introductory course changed my life, without a doubt! It was the beginning of another era, another way of feeling and seeing the world around and inside me.”

Zamira Pla


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Please note that during COVID 19, the institute continues the tradition of quality education through our hybrid program, which features weekend intensives online, with a low residency summer component in San Diego, CA, as permitted by CDC guidelines. We will return to in-person programming as soon as immunization and  sound science permits us to do so.

How is your Institute education different? 

  • A Coherent Theory: The institute courses provide a single coherent theory and method of practice that applies across intermodal dance therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, therapeutic writing and visual art therapy. Rather than an eclectic education, or a series of  “techniques”  institute students are given a powerful set of theories and philosophies of practice which support the ability to improvise in practice to meet unique situations with real creative presence.  
  • Designed for success. Because our programs meet the high standards of the European Graduate School (EGS), admission to EGS is guaranteed for students with good standing in  the Expressive Arts Institute.  Because our programs fulfill all educational requirements for the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA), registration can be pursued with no further coursework. 
  • Experienced Faculty: All institute faculty have studied and taught with the field founders of Expressive Arts, and hold advanced degrees in Expressive Arts Therapy. Our faculty are experienced practising therapists, all with more than 20 years of graduate and professional teaching experience, dedicated to the work of Expressive Arts Therapy, and to the success of every student. 
  • Personalized Learning: Our small class sizes guarantee individual support in achieving your learning goals. Along with the set curriculum,  faculty will offer recommendations of authors and readings tailored to your individual interests as a practitioner, coach or educator.
  • A Community of support: When you choose to study with the Institute, you also gain a connection with a network of dedicated professionals who have graduated from the school and love the work. Many of the arts based programs in the world 
  • Diversity beyond borders: Over the years the Institute has welcomed students from across the country and across the globe. Those who go to EGS will attend classes with a truly global student body, with students  from every continent but Antartica
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