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Alumni Association

expressive arts institute
Graduates from the first class (l-r), Taru Rivera, Niyazi Sue McDevitt, Celestine de la Victoria, Karen Wilkening and Deb Ogburn return home to celebrate the Institute’s 15th year.

The Expressive Arts Alumni Association supports the Expressive Arts Institute, San Diego, and the Expressive Arts Foundation in promoting education about the central role the arts play in a healthy person, school, community and world. The association is dedicated to providing experiences of “poiesis” to naïve artists. Poiesis is best understood as a meaningful experience in the arts. We believe such public events promote an understanding of the importance of aesthetic experience.

Alumni Association Accomplishments

  • Panel Discussion: “Is Theater Dead?” 2003, Nazarene College
  • Yearly Client Art shows since 2004
  • Friday Night Liberty Public Participatory art events from 2005
  • Summer Symposium at the Institute, 2005
  • Circle The Earth held on the grounds of Liberty Station, 2008
  • Censorship in Public Galleries Panel at the Institute, 2011
  • Indie Fest participation at the Institute, 2011
  • “Deep Play” Workshops, 2010-2012 (Ride Your Story, Sound Scape, Daily Art, Violet Juno)
  • Movies with Meaning Nights 2010-2011
  • 20th Anniversary Celebration Fundraiser, December 2019