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The metaphor of the circle is unequaled as a symbol of an ideal relational community. There are no leaders or followers, no hierarchy. Geometrically, the circle gives us symmetry and strength, the archway that supports a Cathedral, or the wheel upon which a train might ride. At the institute we literally sit in a circle for

This article by Judith Essex examines Shaun McNiff’s metaphor of the Enduring Shaman, in relationship to the professional practice of Expressive Arts Therapy. This article is an excerpt from the dissertation Dionysos and the Shaman, by Judith Greer Essex Ph.D. , provided for scholarly use. No further reproduction or distribution rights are granted without the author’s

Students at the San Diego Expressive Arts Institute, immersed from the beginning in phenomenology are often curious about my continuing use of a technique they identify with archetypal interpretation in the Jungian model…In answer to my students, I acknowledge that sand play has become the dominant model for working with sand and miniatures…Is there a model