Your professional education in expressive arts  therapy begins here.

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Corporate & Agency

Thinking outside the box isn’t getting results? Maybe you can throw the box away. Expressive Arts coaches and consultants work with your organization to get the most from the people you have. At the Expressive Arts Institute, we believe “conflict resolution” is merely a temporary solution for improving teamwork. We teach people how to be prosperous and productive in their work community by using conflict and communication as a tool to shape a better, less stress-laden work environment. It is impossible to resolve every conflict that persons have on a daily basis. We believe it is the sense of community, empathy humanity and shared-responsibility that allows employees to find creative solutions, through mutual respect and honest non-dogmatic communication.

Institute coaches and consultants focus on building a real community in the workplace, based on the common experiences of expressive arts work, instead of imposing it artificially. No slogans, no platitudes, no motivational posters, no hype and puffery. Employees that have a community with true connection and investment in each other make a productive, empowered and invested workforce. Employees with a sense of community and communication switch jobs less often, and handle daily stressors with greater ease. Contact the Institute today for more information on how expressive arts coaching can help your business’ most valuable assets.

The art experience can help professionals identify their own expertise, and use it in novel ways…the great challenge for most organizational work is trusting that the solution for most problems is already at hand, awaiting discovery.

Your professional education in expressive arts therapy begins here!