Alumni Association

The Expressive Arts Alumni Association supports the Expressive Arts Institute, San Diego, and the Expressive Arts Foundation in promoting education about the central role the arts play in a healthy person, school, community and world. The association is dedicated to providing experiences of “poiesis” to naïve artists. Poiesis is best understood as a meaningful experience in the arts. We believe such public events promote an understanding of the importance of aesthetic experience.

Smiling Institute Alumni

Graduates from the first class (l-r), Taru Rivera, Niyazi Sue McDevitt, Celestine de la Victoria, Karen Wilkening and Deb Ogburn return home to celebrate the Institute’s 15th year.

Alumni Association Accomplishments

  • Panel Discussion: “Is Theater Dead?” 2003, Nazarene College
  • Yearly Client Art shows since 2004
  • Friday Night Liberty Public Participatory art events from 2005
  • Summer Symposium at the Institute, 2005
  • Circle The Earth held on the grounds of Liberty Station, 2008
  • Censorship in Public Galleries Panel at the Institute, 2011
  • Indie Fest participation at the Institute, 2011
  • “Deep Play” Workshops, 2010-2012 (Ride Your Story, Sound Scape, Daily Art, Violet Juno)
  • Movies with Meaning Nights 2010-2011
  • 20th Anniversary Celebration Fundraiser, December 2019