Your professional education in expressive arts  therapy begins here.


Ongoing Wednesdays: Illuminated Journal Workshop with Dr. Judith Greer Essex

Expressive Arts Institute Zoom Event, San Diego, CA, CA

Participants in the Illuminated Journal will learn the practice of mixed media journaling (using writing and visual art) as:a tool for living more creatively and authentically, a way to engage with the images and metaphors that guide and inform our lives, a daily practice of self expression, and an ongoing method of coping with daily life challenges.


Ongoing Thursdays : Writing Your Way Home: An Online Group for Writers


Write your way Home is weekly online writers group for creating, support and inspiration.
We will work in brief exercises with the material of your life and share the results.
We will create space to hear segments of your ongoing writing process
We will explore feedback and revision forms to help you bring your writing closer to home.