• Biography Intensive
On the Trail Of #VanishingBeauty

This European Graduate School Project, created by Wes Chester, asks students to submit photos of Saas Fee\'s Vanishing Beauty, as a response to Climate Change. See the Facebook page #Vanishing Beauty for more.

Biography Intensive

Students must really know themselves in order to help others create the change they desire in their own life. Our biography course delves artfully into the heart of what it means to be human, and a helper or educator.


Nature greets us everywhere on every continent, always with the same greeting: Welcome home.

Dance Intensive

Movement is perhaps the oldest form of human expression, and it gives direct access to the embodied consciousness that lies at the heart of Expressive Arts Therapy.

Saas Fee, Switzerland, Home of EGS

Saas Fee is the second home of intermodal Expressive Arts Therapists

Drama Intensive

Drama is the heart of intermodal arts. Lighting, costume, character. It all contributes to meeting the real in the dramatic pursuit.

Poetry Intensive

At the root of Expressive arts is the marriage of expressive language and embodiment. Poet and legend in the oral tradition, bringing the knowledge of the body to poetry. Read her work at: