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The leaves in New England were terrific this year. Returning from my annual writer’s retreat in Maine with my wo-mentor poet Elizabeth McKim, I reflect on the turning of the leaves. It is hypnotic;  they let go and blaze with color.   I found sixty different colors in the leaves!  So delightful and satisfying for the eye!

Spring enters with her 10,000 shades of green, and sweeps away the winter chill and  last summer's browns. Photo Wes Chester BY:Judith Greer Essex Ph.D. LMFT, ADTR, REAT Founding Director, Expressive Arts Institute The Green Goes Over and Over It is irrepressible. The daffodils come springing out, green shoots and leaf buds appear overnight. I want to forestall spring and

January 1st, 2021 As I look back across the nearly six decades of my life, I can never remember a time when I felt so circumspect about wishing everyone “Happy” New Year’s. It seems almost wrong. I don't want to put pressure on people right now to feel "happy." So many are grieving the loss of jobs, homes, family