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Recovering the Artist: the 8th annual show at the Swift Shines a light on Recovery.

Recovering the Artist: the 8th annual show at the Swift Shines a light on Recovery.

How did the Artist get lost?  In life, most of us eventually face events that require a kind of absolute change in the nature of how we live, or think about life. But the loss of the artist is usually cultural. We have forgotten the time before diagnosis and drug therapy, and the reductionist labeling of psychology, A time when songs and dances, drumming and painting were the tools of healers and helpers everywhere. But this loss is not beyond recovery.
Lynn Marcoe Disabled Resinate
Lynn Marcoe: Disabled Resinate: One-Armed Guitar Player  Assemblage, mixed media


Recovering the Artist VIII, features art that is fresh and vibrant, and made with a purpose other than sales in mind. As a way of expressing the struggles and triumphs of life, the way to move forward, to release the past or encounter new images for inspiration. The art in this show is art that “has to be made.”

What the artists in this show know, is how the arts have helped them to survive and thrive in difficult situations….Artists are more than survivors; Artists thrive in the face of life challenges, and find beauty in the poor and humble places of the world. They find hope, friends, and community in the arts.ILake detail-Wonder

Leslie Lake, Wonder (detail), Acrylic on Canvas 

Recovering the Artist VIII features artists from every walk of life and of all ages. There is something inspirational about artists that are dedicated to their work, not as a profession, nor as a hobby, but as a means of being more fully alive. Come be inspired and enlivened by a unique art show that asks the question: “When will you begin recovering your own artist?”

Michelle Ferrera Sometimes darkness can show you the ligh

Michelle D. Ferrera: Sometimes the Darkness can Show You the Light…  Graphite, Ink and Mixed Media on board.

RECOVERING THE ARTIST VIII: Hope for the Future opens Friday April 5th from 5-8 PM. The Show runs through May 9th. 
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The Show Opens Friday April 5th and closes Thursday May 9th 

The Swift Gallery is Open 9-8 Tuesday – Sunday and 9-6 Mondays (Federal Holidays Excepted