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Judith Greer Essex, Ph.D. Founding Director, Expressive Arts Institute As summer warms here in Southern California the institute faculty would normally be returning from European Graduate School, after teaching summer school with our colleagues to students from around the globe. Instead we held EGS online for the second time, and though I missed the Alps, I am thrilled by

I can’t blame you. For 40 years I have had the best seat in the house. I witness people unfold, come alive again, heal and grow through the arts. It’s the most satisfying job in the world. Helping people by making art and making a difference, what could be better than that? What is Expressive Arts Therapy? Expressive Arts

Why the goddess workshop?  Why now?  I have done workshops concerning the images and myths of ancient goddesses for many years.  Feminine psychology interests me, naturally, and I am at heart an artist, guided by images. I stopped about 20 years ago when I began the bigger work of founding  the Expressive Arts institute.  Since the last

The start of the school year comes at a celebratory time in the cycle of the year. Summer is waning, and we may be feeling rested from vacation downtime. The work in the field to move us towards harvest is nearly completed. It is in this time that the internal work of planting new ideas, nurturing continuing

If this is your year to consider a career in the expressive arts, this course is your first step. At this time of year, Judith and I return from summer teaching in Switzerland, to plan the year ahead for San Diego Students. One of our great duties is offering an introductory course. The intro course is always a wonderful experience,

Summer is when our collective schedules take a breath, and make room for play.  Making a collage brings a wonderful child-like mood, working with scissors and glue and finding the right place for each image. It's summertime, time for a break from the hectic days of September through June, time to play. Play can, of course, can mean many

"Institute alumnae Carol Greenstein pursues twin passions, raising her three children and helping homeless youth succeed in the world." Carol with one of the many projects that help her students get in touch with and regulate emotions, express themselves, and learn to find their own wings.  The usual path to an institute education is pretty straightforward. Attend one

I feel like the work at McAlister Institute is the crowning glory of my career, and what I was born to do. What happens when your "Dream Job" becomes reality? We interview Institute Graduate Rebecca Lillywhite about the new job and new possibilities. Meet Rebecca Lillywhite. She just presented a show of 50+ masks, made by her clients at

Successful graduates and students are making waves in the San Diego community, and hold positions of influence is key non-profits in the area. And successful professionals guarantee  not only Expressive Arts Services for the community, but professional quality internship experiences for new students: Jennifer Oliver, (EGS and Institute grad) is the new Artistic Director of A Step

One of the unforeseen outcomes of founding the Expressive Arts Institute was the popularity and expansion of educational applications in the expressive arts. Director Judith Greer Essex had experience bringing arts to the classroom, through a CalArts Grant in the '70's, and even our first class hosted an educator, Taru Rivera. Still, it took a while