Your professional education in expressive arts  therapy begins here.

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Our Intro Course is a Journey to the Heart of the Arts.

Our Intro Course is a Journey to the Heart of the Arts.

If this is your year to consider a career in the expressive arts, this course is your first step. At this time of year, Judith and I return from summer teaching in Switzerland, to plan the year ahead for San Diego Students. One of our great duties is offering an introductory course.

The intro course is always a wonderful experience, meeting new students and seeing the talents and curiosities of those visiting the Expressive Arts in a serious way for the first time. Since the intro course is a prerequisite for admission to the institute, the August course is the last opportunity to fulfill the requirement before the September start.

Our graduates are great beneficiaries of the institute training program, having left the institute not only with an education, but with each other. A strong community of professional support and continuing education are hallmarks of the institute experience

The introductory experience is among the most fun things you can do with two days. In the process of dancing, painting and playing your way through the   immersive and experiential intro course, you’ll get a chance to know each   other and to know yourself better as well. It is a great time to see how the   Expressive Arts operate in your life, as well as get questions answered about the program, and the field at large.

Joining the cultural creatives of the expressive arts institute opens doors. We have graduates across the country and the world, helping, and educating through the arts. Are you ready to make your own mark through the helping arts? 

In the difficult and contentious atmosphere of contemporary America, the arts and artists are more needed than ever, to engage, inspire and bring people together. 

If you have been looking for ways to commit your talents and creativity in a  new direction, the Expressive Arts may be your logical choice. See what our  students have said about the intro experience: 

I‘ve never experienced such a hands-on, inclusive and non-judgmental introduction to the arts…Judith is a wonderful teacher… 
-Anne V.
As a lifelong learner and dedicated volunteer involved in arts and education I approached the E.A.I. introductory class with curiosity and some trepidation. A few prior E.A.I. graduates were in my circle and I highly admired them all, but didn’t really imagine taking on such a large commitment or inspiring to make such a shift in my career path or life direction. I was awestruck by the end of the weekend. Having never so clearly before been exactly where I should be. My overwhelming feeling was “this is who I am, this is what I do.” I haven’t looked back and am on the most fantastic journey of my life.
-Tara G. Executive Director, Arts and Learning, SD, CA
When I attended the Intro Course, I said to myself, “this is what I have been looking for… for so long.” Before the weekend was over, I was already planning the next two years and what I would do to be in this beautiful place.
So, yes! Of course the introductory course changed my life, without a doubt! It was the beginning of another era, another way of feeling and seeing the world around and inside me.
-Zamira Pla, Therapist- Pasadena CA
Isn’t it time you experienced the intro yourself? We’d love to welcome you   into the larger world of helping arts. Click Here for details on our next upcoming intro and for online   registration.
  Hope to see you soon,
  Wes & Judith