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Schools in Session: What will you learn this fall?

Schools in Session: What will you learn this fall?

The start of the school year comes at a celebratory time in the cycle of the year. Summer is waning, and we may be feeling rested from vacation downtime. The work in the field to move us towards harvest is nearly completed. It is in this time that the internal work of planting new ideas, nurturing continuing knowledge and expanding our own horizons begins in earnest. It is in September that we decide what it is we will do to move towards our interests, goals and dreams. After the drift of summer, it’s time to bring focused attention to what it is that we hope to accomplish in the year ahead.
If you are getting this newsletter, it’s a good bet that the arts play a big role in your fall plans. But where does your particular path lie? Maybe you’re looking to gain some skills and expressive competency through the arts with workshop experiences like Judith’s Illuminated Journal series, or my new experiential interdisciplinary creativity group (Studio Lab).  
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Maybe you are now ready to explore some of the life challenges that have held you back. Toxic history or present challenges that require rewriting your narrative into a healthier, happier, more present you. The therapy studio is a wonderful place for lifelong learning to continue. Have a conversation with Judith or myself about how we might help you find your next steps.

Sometimes, luck is all in how you perceive the surprising changes we each experience.

Maybe you are an educator or therapist who would like to gain some practical experience in the applications of the arts in your work. You might be interested in our specialized workshops. Look for Expressive Arts Book Making, and keep watching through the winter for mask, sand tray, musical improvisation and instrument building, and trauma-informed arts practice.

The Masks speak to identity revealed and concealed, and to the power of the arts to transform.

Maybe you’ve been thinking it’s time to change your status, from artist/arts lover, to arts-based helping professional. This is the central mission of the expressive arts institute. This September we are looking forward to welcoming another class into the program, and the beginning their journey to professionalism in our field. Did you know the institute has over 100 graduates in the past 20 years who have taken up the professional work of expressive arts therapist and educators all over the county, the state, the nation and across the world? Many San Diego organizations are steered by leaders from our classes.
That is in part, because the institute training program offers the highest standard of education for professional helpers in the arts. Whether you are seeking an M.A. in expressive arts therapy, or are a degreed helping professional seeking education and training in expressive arts therapy and a professional diploma, the institute is your best option for a truly life changing education.
So September is here! What will you fall into? I hope to see you in the studio.
Wes Chester, MA, CAGS Expressive Arts Therapist
Institute Director