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-Wes Chester MA, CAGS Director, Expressive Arts Institute In the hundred-and-fifty-three years since Abraham Lincoln declared it an official national holiday, Thanksgiving Day has evolved almost beyond recognition. The story of a communal feast between early colonists at Plymouth and the Wampanoag tribe of Native Americans is a historic event only later adopted as an origin story.

  At the studio we are not approaching art to make a living but making art to live life fully with resilience. Pamela Underwood, MA is known for her artistic talents, her wonderful work with women in her Bodywriting Workshop and above all, for her determination. Her home and studio, located in the rugged mountains outside of Poway is artistic, beautiful and

Our cultural calendar is replete with holidays and celebrations, there are days in remembrance of great people, great events, our ancestors, our religious beliefs. Though these holidays are recognized culturally, they refer to events in the service of human tradition and culture. Only four events in the calendar year are rooted to something truly phenomenological, beyond culture,

For fans and attendees of the first three iterations of this: the improvised series, it was clear to everyone that the series is just hitting it's stride. If you haven't been: In the case of this, the audience acts as a vessel for the performance and more: as some kind of shaping influence for what will emerge. But no one

May is Mental Health Month, and along with a time for celebration of the hard and successful work of recovery that continues daily, it is a time for art. A nine year tradition continues with the third Martha Pace Swift Recovering The Artist Show. This years show features work by many artists from the recovery community,

  It's not always easy to describe an offering like Liam Clancy's this.  Think of every performance you have been to lately, and of your role as an audience member. The show goes on. No matter how amazing the experience, there's a single channel for feedback. You applaud. It's the audible equivalent of a Facebook thumbs-up, and equally