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Lovers in the Free Fall: A Poetry Performance by Elizabeth McKim & Friends

Lovers in the Free Fall: A Poetry Performance by Elizabeth McKim & Friends

Boston area poet Elizabeth McKim, is  a woman at the very heart of poetry. Her gift for infectious language is rooted in the oral tradition, plain language woven into breathtaking imagery. Elizabeth’s poetry flows from the breath, the text transforming through repetition and meter, words spoken or sung. When McKim performs, with or without musical backing, the result is a mesmerizing balance of carefully composed language and improvised delivery that has earned her the title, the Jazz Poet of Lynn.


McKim’s lifelong romance with language has yielded several volumes of poetry, each a document of her times, her self and the ever present parallel life of the imagination. This time out, Elizabeth will be reading pieces from her new  manuscript, “Lovers in the Freefall,” a work that is as much inquiry about, as a recounting of life. Song, story and poem weave into a narrative that is both personal and universal, and and full of musicality. With gentle humor, and a beautiful eye for obscure meaning fleeting detail, McKim’s words elevate the ordinary, and give voice to the experience of the body.


Having served as Poet Laureate of the European Graduate School for many years, her relationship to the Expressive Arts Institute is strong. McKim serves as a mentor, and a wise and gifted teacher to our Institute students both here in San Diego, and when they travel to the Alps. For this reading,  Elizabeth and I will reprise our decade-long relationship of poet and accompanist, especially during the blues works.  Don’t miss an opportunity to catch her on the left coast.

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