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Institute Movie Night: Inequality for All, Random Valentines Success

Institute Movie Night: Inequality for All, Random Valentines Success

Institute Presents an Award Winning Documentary:Inequality for All on Friday March 7th 6-8pm

by Wes Chester, MA, CAGS, Institute Director
As a part of the Expressive Arts Foundation’s commitment to community building and community discourse, we present movie nights on topics of interest to the aesthetic, intellectual and social health of our community. This month that movie is Robert Reich’s Inequality for All. We live in a community of vast disparities in wealth and opportunity, where 3000 people sleep in Balboa Park each night, even as it is being spruced up for the coming centennial celebration. We live in an economy where our graduate students are sometimes forced to suspend their studies due to finances, even as the country’s wealth grows to historic levels. This movie is a timely and well researched take on why such disparities exist, and why we may be a able to effect change by acting locally, as community members.
This viewing is more than a opportunity to see the movie. There will be a moderated discussion to follow, and we would love to add your voice to the discussion: for more info click here

Random Valentines Proves to be a Huge Hit

If you regularly follow the newsletter, you know the history of Random Valentines. Well this was another

beautiful year, with over the top art, standing room only attendance and plenty of fun. There’s very little more satisfying than a room full of art makers, producing works to be given away.DSC_0091

Among the many contributors to our “Great Wall of Love” was a joyful bunch of students and

graduates from the Expressive Arts Institute that helped keep the evening lively and fun.


(pictured l-r: Isabella, Rebecca, Ana, Christie, Carol, Erin, Maria and David)

This is far from a representative sample. Click HERE  to see the full collection of all the fun

valentines created this time around, to visit the Expressive Arts Institute Facebook Page.DSC_0040

The crowd was standing room only through most of the evening, and were encouraged by

the excellent job of this years facilitators Galit Shezifi and Therese Rossi (pictured Below)

A love-ly time was had by all…


DON’T FORGET: Our Two-Day Introduction to expressive arts, Expression Express returns March 8th-9th. This class can be used to boost creativity, and is a prerequisite for the institute graduate studies application.

Keep in touch through our Events pages for ongoing and exciting new opportunities. There’s always something new at the Expressive Arts Institute.