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January 18th Writing Workshop Features Institute Graduate, Art Opening Wows Crowds

January 18th Writing Workshop Features Institute Graduate, Art Opening Wows Crowds

Riding Your Story with Donna Otter comes to the Expressive Arts Institute Saturday January 18th 1:30-3:30


Donna (l) gets a welcoming hug from current student Cathy Sparks.

Anyone who has ever known Donna, knows she has a story to tell, and she knows how to tell it artfully. Donna, a perpetual journal author with a wonderful aesthetic, has been in Oregon for several years, but during her extended visit, she has agreed to offer her popular “Riding the Story” workshop.  Donna explains the workshop with a quote from writer and creativity champion Lynda J. Barry:

“The best way to write is to let the image pull you. You should be water-skiing behind it, not dragging it like a barge. Writing should take you for a ride.”

We will explore a variety of ways to keep the words flowing… more




Swift Look Back Art Opening Wows Crowd

The Martha Pace Swift Gallery, which occupies the public space of the institute’s building, funded by a generous contribution of  arts patron Stephanie Swift, has reached a significant milestone: 5 years. And we have recalled all of our solo show of artists for another exciting run, in our first ever group show of professional artists. The results speak for themselves: A wonderful crowd.


Me, with Persian artist Shahla Dorafshan, posing in front of a couple of her beautiful works.


A crowded gallery is a happy gallery


Institute Director Judith poses with longtime art pal James Watts in front of his Society Blocks.


Pop portraitist Larry Caveney (center) with wife and artist Karen Bernauer and painter pal Dan Adams. It was a great turnout.


Read More about the show here

Upcoming Events:

Jan 18th 1:30pm-3:30pm- Riding Your Story With Donna Otter- Click Here for more details

Feb 7th 5pm-8pm- Ongoing Swift Look Back show – AND – Open Studio with Random Valentines- Make one, get one in the mail.

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